Terms and Hours

         Advanced payment plus Deposit and Certificate of     
                    Insurance required on all rentals.

                              **No Cancellation refund**

Pickup and Return Hours.
Pickup Hours betwee: 3:30pm - 6pm, Rental period begins the following day.

Pickup BEFORE 3:30pm,  Rental starts the SAME day.

Returns are due back
BEFORE 10am after the rental day. Late returns are considered
another days rental. The deposit will be used as payment for late returns.

e.g. Pick-up Thursday after 3pm, return Saturday before 10am = 1 day rental.  

Weekly Rates
3 day week: Keep Rental for 7 consecutive days and pay for 3 days.
(e.g. pick-up Monday the 1st  after 3:30pm,  return before 10am on Tuesday the 9th)  

Weekend Rental
Pick-Up Rental after 3:30 pm on Friday and Return Rental the following: Monday before
10am and pay for 1 Day Rental.

Sunday pick-up after 3:30pm, return Tuesday by 10am pay 1 Day Rental.

NOTE: LATE RETURNS AFTER 10am will be charged at the full daily rate.

♦ FEES: All prices  are per day. A weekend is
charged as one day. A week is charged as three days, depending on
Monthly rates are available upon request. Prices are subject to

♦ OUT OF TOWN RENTALS: When the equipment is shipped  the
minimum billing is two working days. The renter is still responsible for
all transportation and rental charges.

NOTE: All equipment is thoroughly tested and operated before
shipment. Air handling can be very hard on equipment and totally out
of our control. In the event of malfunction, the renter is still
responsible for transportation and rental costs.

♦ LOSS OR THEFT: Renters will be charged at the day rate on
equipment that is lost or stolen until reimbursed for the replacement
updated 1-18-2016
  Weekday Hours
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
8:30–10AM, 3:30–6PM
  Weekend Hours
8:00am-10am, 3:30–6PM
8:00am-10am, 3:30–6PM