Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Kris Wlison
Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Jon Beattie
HAPPY Music video
$250 Daily Rental  + DepositL
  • Steadicam Mount included.
    (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
  • Non-removable hard  mount post
  • Hard Mount. (removable center post)
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Platform for walk-offs
  • Seat Belt
  • Steadicam Mount included. (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
be mounted to nearly anything. The included Mitchell plate and
Doughty clamp with eight possible mounting angles facilitate easy
mounting by a number of different methods.

One of the only mounts available with end block tilting, Walter
Klassen’s Vehicle Mount can tilt up to 40° to help you stay balanced.


  • Anodized aluminum components
  • End block with 40° of tilt
  • Mitchell Plate
  • clamp facilitates mounting to standard 2″ aluminum pipe
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Click PayPal Logo to pay online.
             HOURS - Pickup/Returns Rental periods

Pickup: 4pm - 6pm,
Rental period begins the following day.

Pickup BEFORE 4pm,  Rental starts the SAME day.

Returns are due back BEFORE 10am after the rental day.

Returns AFTER 10am add another days rental fee.
Steadicam ®  is a registered trademark of the TIFFEN® company is in, no way, affiliated with Steadicam or the Tiffen company
Rickshaw: the "Sophie"
Configuration: Steadicam Soft mount- walk-off
Steadicam Operator: TwoJay Dillon
The Rickshaw is IN the commercial at :06 in.
Steadicam Operator: Dave Chameides
The  Gore-Link handheld camera support allows you to:
  • achieve the look and feel of a handheld shot while keeping the
    camera off the shoulder.
  • have an up/down booming effect using your SteadicamTM arm
  • shoot from floor to eye level in one move
Steadicam Master Series Arm
  • No tools adjustment.
  • includes various size arm posts and an
    adaptor post for PRO Sleds upon request.
to switch from regular to "goofy" in seconds.
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Click PayPal Logo to pay online.
$500 Rental
$500 Delivery + Support/SteadiCAB Driver


  • Electric Assist SteadiCAB
  • Required Driver/Tech (up to 10 hours. OT is
    extra. See for rates.
  • Free Delivery up to 30 miles from West Hills
    location. $1 per mile there after. Round trip
  • No Hills.---Flat smooth level streets required.
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Modified Electric Assist  Pedicab Rickshaw
Please click here to review TERMS and RETURN TIMES prior to renting.

All Rentals require: Advanced Payment, Deposit, Certificate of Insurance,
This mount attaches to a 2" Square hitch.
The seat includes a seat belt.
6, 5,000 lbs capacity safety cables are included.

Helmet is not included but highly encouraged!

EXTREME care should be taken when using this mount.
Use a professional driver.
Prep is highly recommended to go over safety.