""The Steadicam
rickshaw worked out
very well. I was
impressed with the
speed we were able
to achieve and the very
solid platform it
-Gerry O'Malley
Steadicam Operator-
"Steadicam Rickshaw (is) Great!
Everyone is impressed with the
shots, mostly me. We are all
enjoying the back-saver
rickshaw, the results are really
-David Frederick, SOC
Steadicam operator-  
Women's Murder Club
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"David, the Rickshaw worked
out great!" -George Palmer,
Bunheads Key Grip
Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Kris Wlison
Sophie Rickshaw
Steadicam Operated by - Jon Beattie
HAPPY Music video
$1,000 per day

  • Electric Assist SteadiCAB
  • Required Driver/Tech (up to 10 hours. OT is extra.
    See for rates.
  • Free Delivery up to 30 miles from West Hills
    location. $1 per mile there after. Round trip
  • T-hanldebar or Long U-bar.
  • Steadicam Mount included.
    (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
  • Non-removable hard  mount post
  • Platofrm for softmount / walk-offs
  • Hard Mount. (removable center post)
  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Seat Belt
  • Steadicam Mount included.
    (GPIPRO/Tiffen Arms)
  • Vehicle Mount allows a Steadicam rig to be
    mounted to nearly anything.

  • Vehicle Mount can tilt up to 40° to help you
    stay balanced.
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    HOURS - Pickup/Returns Rental periods
Pickup: 3:30pm - 6pm.  Rental period begins the following day.
BEFORE 3:30pm,  Rental starts SAME day.

Return  8:30am - Before 10am.  
Returns AFTER 10am add another days rental fee.
Location: 7243 Sale Ave., West Hills, California 91307
Welcome to the SteadicamRickshaw /  SteadiCAB website.

If you would like to rent one of the of the items below, please send us a TEXT:
323-385-3456 Please
INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN THE TEXT so we know who you are.
Otherwise email us at

Advanced Payment Required.  
Online payment available.  Just click on Paypal logo under each item.

Certificate of Insurance is required.
Loss Payee:  David Allen Grove
Address:        7243 Sale Ave., West Hills, California 91307
(same address for pickup and return)
Steadicam ®  is a registered trademark of the TIFFEN® company is in, no way, affiliated with Steadicam or the Tiffen company
Rickshaw: the "Sophie"
Configuration: Steadicam Soft mount- walk-off
Steadicam Operator: TwoJay Dillon
Rickshaw: Logan
The Rickshaw is IN the commercial at :06 in.
Steadicam Operator: Dave Chameides